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  • Welcome to the shape of things to come. Jr. Drag Boats are coming!

    Introducing the Junior Drag Boat Racing League. The JRDBRL's primary mission is to establish, develop and support Jr. Drag Boat racing.

  • Teamwork, Sportsmanship and Dedication.

    JRDBRL racing holds safety first and foremost, but teaching responsibility should never go out of style.

  • Kids age 10 and up can pilot their very own Jr. Drag Boat.

    Three classes of drag racing on a one-eighth mile course, with top speeds of up to 50 MPH.

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Must See


Jr. Drag BoatsCustom

Jr. Drag Boats for Junior Drag Boat Racers. Junior Drag Boats are scale versions of drag boats just like the big kids get to drive, and the cool factor is through the roof! Read More


Check out our gallery for photos of the latest races, racers and builds. Got some shots of the kids racing? Email them to us and we'll add them to the gallery!


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